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U. S. Patent 6,090,414

Method and Composition to Reduce Cancer Incidence


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            U. S. Patent # 6,090,414 is both a “composition of matter patent” and a “method patent.” A composition of matter patent applies to all forms (including mixtures with other materials) and all uses of the composition itself and grants the inventor the right to exclude all others from making, using, importing, exporting, selling or offering for sale that composition throughout the United States of America, U. S. territories, and U. S. possessions. A method of use patent grants the inventor the right to exclude all others from the use of that invention for the stated use in the U. S., its territories and possessions.


U. S. Patent # 6,090,414 includes 116 claims; 46 compositions of matter, 56 use claims and 14 method of DNA, RNA and protein repair claims. Important compositions protected by this patent include, but are not limited to, all compositions that include selenium and vitamin C.


In addition to covering all compositions of selenium and vitamin C, this patent also covers all compositions of selenium with vitamin C and vitamin E. Additionally, it covers the composition of selenium with other antioxidants and selenium with sulfur-containing amino acids and their derivatives. Effectively, this means that US Patent # 6,090,414 covers the composition of the vast majority of all multivitamins now made, sold, or distributed in the United States.


            The patent covers the use of any form of selenium in the prevention of cancer, including prevention of metastasis. In addition to the pioneering research of Passwater and Olson, other confirmatory studies have followed, including three large published human clinical studies (one study involved 31,000 persons, another study involved 13,000 persons and the other involved more than 1,300 persons). In addition, hundreds of supporting studies including epidemiological (population) studies and laboratory animal studies have been published since this patent application. The total body of research suggests that more than 80% of human cancer deaths can be prevented by the use of this patent. Also, our current patent applications cover forms of selenium that are already shown more than 80% effective in preventing cancer in animals.


One of the inventors, David Olson, conducted a seminar for the Division Directors of the National Cancer Institute (NCI) on July 29, 1981, telling them of the inventors’ research and patent application. NCI has recently begun their largest ever human cancer prevention trial using selenium and vitamin E. This clinical trial is called SELECT.


This patent has been discussed with the three known suppliers of organic selenium for human consumption, the largest multivitamin manufacturer and the U. S. Government. Other patents involving the most effective forms of selenium have been granted by the European Union and are in process in the U. S.


The patent also covers the repair of damaged DNA, RNA and proteins. The application specifications describe antioxidant synergism, although the compositions of matter specified in the claims are not limited to synergistic compositions.


The inventors are Richard A. Passwater and David M. Olson. Their patent application process began in 1969 when the applicable research was brought to and confirmed in October 1969 by, their patent attorney. The patent attorneys formally affirmed the preliminary information in 1969 and submitted a formal patent application on May 20, 1970 which was finally issued over 30 years later on July 18, 2000. It has been assigned to Life Science Labs, Inc.


            Dr. Passwater has mentioned the U. S. patent applications for over 25 years in numerous books and articles. Examples of books that mention the patent application include “Supernutrition: Megavitamin Revolution” (Dial Press 1975), “Cancer and Its Nutritional Therapies” (Keats 1978), “Selenium As Food & Medicine” (Keats 1980) and “All About Selenium” (Avery 1999). Examples of articles mentioning the issued patent include “Preventing Cancer with Selenium: An update” (Whole Foods, May 2001) and “Selenium and Cancer Prevention: FDA Finally Shows Some Interest.” (Whole Foods, May 2003) Both of these articles and others are available at www.DrPasswater.com  and www.SeleniumResearch.com.


Link to U. S. Patent 6,090,414